OCERA Components

The OCERA consortium developp the following components for real time embedded applications:

  • POSIX API for RTLINUX: A POSIX 1.4 interface for RTLinux-GPL, with barriers, semaphores, signals
  • RTLINUX generic scheduler: a basic scheduler allowing to insert an application defined scheduler into RTLinux
  • RTLINUX CBS scheduler: a Constant Bandwidth scheduler for RTLinux
  • LINUX CBS and IRIS scheduler: Constant Bandwidth scheduler for Linux and Reservation Scheduler for Linux
  • CAN devices: CAN, CAN/Open device drivers for RTLinux, Linux and RTAI
  • ONETD Network API: a network API for RTLinux, Xenomai and RTAI, with full IP,IPSEC,Wifi access
  • ORTE: Ocera Real Time Ethernet: a bandwith reservation system for Ethernet allowing near realtime networking facilities
  • Fault-Tolerance: a fault tolerance component handling degraded mode and redondency
  • SA-RTLinux: Stand-Alone RTLinux-GPL is a simple RTOS without Linux components with minimal footprint

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